Interworks can: 

Assess your current technology.

Work with you to determine the technology that assists in your business growth and retention.

Propose cost effective standards based HIPAA compliant technologies with full backup, restoration and security safeguards employed.

Interface between Practice Management, Digital Radiography, Claims & Internet providers to insure a cohesive, user-friendly strategy.

Fully document your technology.

Train your designated office staff to address non-critical support concerns.

Incorporate your existing technologies into the proposed strategy with a very competitive time and materials framework.

Stabilize and optimize your technology investments so that you can pay attention to your business and not your computer issues!




Customer Service:
Interworks, Inc. was created with determination to provide Superior Customer Support. Interworks will support all your technology with on-site visits, phone support and remote management and training. Working with you to build a service that fits your business need.

Network Assessment:
Determining where you are (baseline) and where you want to be is the fundamental first step to managing your infrastructure. We can help you determine the state of your network and applications, inform you what technologies are available and what the impact these could have to your business process and your bottom line.

Monitor Mounts  Overhead HDTV

Practice Management:

These applications help manage your business and must work for you ALL THE TIME.
We have full expertise in tuning and working with your application’s Support Desk to resolve and stop the finger-pointing and get resolution, not band-aids.

Product Sales & Support:
Interworks, Inc. offers industry standard Intel servers, workstations, displays, mounting hardware, network equipment and software. Providing cost effective solutions geared toward optimizing existing equipment and introducing enhancements as appropriate.

Internet Solutions:
As more businesses utilize the Internet for business communication, transactions and research, we can connect your whole network with a low cost broadband solution. All done with your network security as the priority.

Email/Web Solutions:
Email is a great tool to communication with your clients and business partners. Have your email address reflect your company name.
(ex: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)    

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